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Hecatus VIP Networking aims to offer business leaders a top-of-the-range service that combines development and growth.


As a leader, you always carry a weight on your shoulders.
It’s the responsibility.
Responsibility towards your employees
Responsibility to your shareholders
Responsibilities to your customers
Responsibilities towards your partners
and of course also …
Responsibility to your family and oneself!
You impose yourself to be always efficient, always at the best of yourself to ensure the cohesion and success of the company. You are his soul, you are the bearer of vision, the one who gives direction to this ship. And all the crew will look at you and turn to you.
To be able to play this role with power, it is essential to create islands of decompression and regeneration. It is sometimes so difficult to authorize them … Ironically paradox because you know that it is by rejuvenating that you can then give the best.
If such an opportunity presented itself today to you, would you seize it?
It is in this spirit that Bruno Fenouillas and Alexadre Tolmer imagined this experience. Through their multiple activities, they have rubbed shoulders with many leaders of large companies. And many have confided to them on the colossal burden felt and imposed by their responsibilities. It was then that a crazy idea sprang up. That of combining all the universes that are important to them:
Allow a quest for liberating meaning.
Offer an inviting setting for decompression and transformation.
Marvel the palate with unforgettable gastronomy. Find personal contacts and communication with people who are worthy, helpful and close in the spirit.
Open the door to new opportunities, prospects and dreams!
It is a successful bet with this seminar – networking Hecatus entitled “Give meaning to your responsibilities”.

Bruno Fenouillas


Bruno Fenouillas' philosophy of life and entrepreneurship could result in an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Through innovative ideas and constant risk-taking, he is the very personification of the entrepreneur. His extensive experience in various fields allows him to approach life and the company with a fresh and open mind, with a versatility that knows how to take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself. Multiple challenges, elevated to the rank of life principle, have allowed him to cultivate a real interest in the life and values of the company. The fact of always asking questions and constantly innovating has indeed allowed him to reach what is for him a kind of eternal youth.

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Alexandre Tolmer

Director Russian Power & A.O Garant Auto

For Alexandre Tolmer, the important thing is to make progress. The life philosophy of this accomplished businessman is in line with his entrepreneurial philosophy. Governed by a reasoned ambition, he puts forward an ability to inspire others, reveal the high potential where he hides and transfer the knowledge he has acquired in his career. The personal development he advocates today is absolutely necessary to succeed in life as in entrepreneurship: it is about seeing the life behind the numbers, and the beauty that builds innovative ideas. His ambition is to teach others to be responsive and not to hesitate to make unconventional decisions. This confirmed polyglot seeks above all to show how open-mindedness can be the most powerful driving force of a company

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Hecatus VIP Networking aims to offer business leaders a top-of-the-range service that combines development, growth and harmony.

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