International private seminar for business leaders and executives

Give meaning to your success

How can you make sense of your success when it weighs heavily on your shoulders as a leader?

The event in a few words

Open Montenegro's doors to your company during an event dedicated to inspiration, sensory pleasure and notoriety.
During this high-end seminar, expect to :
  • Discover business opportunities and possible assistance in Montenegro
  • Meet inspiring speakers to guide you in a quest for a liberating meaning
  • Enjoy a luxurious setting that has been chosen to promote well-being and catalyse professional connections
  • Enjoy a gourmet dinner prepared by starred chefs in the presence of public and royal figures

• Financement CPF : 11 jours au maximum (à compter de la date d’inscription)
• Autres types de financement : 3 semaines (à compter de la date d’inscription)

Toutes nos formations en présentiel sont accessibles aux personnes en situation de handicap
Nous pouvons également adapter nos formations pour des publics en situation de handicap autre que mobile

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Escape in Montenegro

Discover the magic of a beautiful country! From 23 to 28 April 2019-Budva Montenegro International Séminar HECATUS VIP NETWORKING "Give meaning to your success" Montenegro from Anton Elchaninov on Vimeo.

Let’s talk about the birth of Hecatus Vip Networking

Bruno Fenouillas (CEO Thannah Corp) is a company manager specialising in personal development and management and passionate about gastronomy. When he found a birthday menu dating from 22 April 1907, he came up with the idea of recreating a fabulous...

About us

Hecatus VIP Networking aims to offer business leaders a top-of-the-range service that combines development, growth and harmony.

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