Let’s talk about the birth of Hecatus Vip Networking

Let’s talk about the birth of Hecatus Vip Networking

Published on 5 March 2019

Bruno Fenouillas (CEO Thannah Corp) is a company manager specialising in personal development and management and passionate about gastronomy.

When he found a birthday menu dating from 22 April 1907, he came up with the idea of recreating a fabulous 20th century dinner, that of Princess Milena of Montenegro.
It was his friend Philippe Hardy, a renowned starred chef, who started cooking and it was only natural that the dinner took place in the former royal palace of Montenegro and was served to Prince Nikola, now heir to the throne and great grandson of Princess Milena.

This exceptional event ended with a promise between the Prince, Bruno Fenouillas and Philippe Hardy : to organise a gastronomic dinner in the same spirit with local Montenegrin products.

From this promise will come a new type of seminar….

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