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Marc Vella

Nomadic pianist

About Marc Vella

Workshop : “Praise the false note”

We are sublimely imperfect beings. Learn to welcome imperfections, they make the beauty of living things beautiful. Be aware of this unique human capacity to be a transformer. You are able to step out of the role of victim at any time to become responsible for his life and magnify your dissonances.

The story of Marc Vella, the nomadic pianist, is inspiring. And that’s the least we can say. Armed with his only grand piano, he has travelled about 200,000 kilometres on the roads, or rather the paths, of more than forty countries. Whether in the Malagasy bush, in small African villages, in Eastern Europe, in the depths of the Sahara desert, in the middle of Indian slums or on the top of Pakistan’s mountains, he has found the strength to celebrate humanity to the sound of his piano keys. Thanks to the variacordes he himself has created, his music is absolutely unique. Virtuoso pianist, Composition Prize in Paris in 1985 and 1st Composition Prize in Rome at the TIM 1999, he gives recitals all over the world. He has recorded 8 CDs to date, but his strength is not there. It is situated in his immensely generous sharing and in the magnificent vision he has of life.

As a distinguished speaker, he is the creator of emergency concerts, which not only allow us to find beauty in what surrounds us, but also deep inside us. Marc Vella regularly organizes workshops, “Vivre autrement la musique de la vie”, for both professionals and lay people. He is also the designer of the Love Caravan, with which he promotes the culture of non-violence and peace. His music is the means of transport that has taken him all over the world, and that allows all those who listen to him to develop an open conscience, on the lookout for opportunities. With Marc Vella, happiness penetrates both through the ears and the heart, and it is already about twenty countries that have been won over by the love he shares.

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