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Patrick Bourdet

Former CEO of Areva Med

About Patrick Bourdet

Workshop : “People Development: A Holistic Approach”

During this workshop, you will discover the intrinsic needs to initiate a transformation. Patrick will share with you his “holistic” approach, that is, one that takes into account the whole being. It will discuss the different tools at your disposal to enable this transformation and what you can expect as results.

Patrick Bourdet is the former CEO of Areva Med. His impressive track record of resilience and strength of character is an inspiration to all.
Author of a brilliant book entitled “Rien n’est pas joué d’avance”, Patrick Bourdet reminds us all that the past is not a fatality that weighs on the future. With enough will, strength and hard work, anything is possible. The man who was founder and CEO of a French group had a dramatic childhood, marked by his father’s suicide. This child of the french social aid system had to fight fear and prejudice to reach the top: Bill Clinton himself will congratulate him in Washington on his work on developing innovative cancer therapies.
However, nothing was certain in advance. When he was only four years old, his father committed suicide. His mother was an alcoholic. Insults, bullying and violence became his daily life. However, there were no question of letting himself be destroyed: he obtains a mechanic’s diploma while sleeping in the parks. He went from one job to another until, at the age of 36, he obtained a Master of Commerce degree, then studied in HEC in Paris, obtained a diploma at the Gestalt institute of Cleveland and studied as well in Harvard. His life, which was a nightmare for a long time, became progressively a dream: hired at Areva, he worked hard and reached the top, when he became the head of one of the group’s branches in the United States.
Patrick Bourdet was based in Washington for 8 years and was working on the development of new cancer treatments, currently in clinical development. This exceptional success, forged in the most total pain, is an example that Patrick Bourdet likes to share. It is not about gaining the empathy or admiration of others, but rather about giving dreams and goals to those who think all is lost. Today, he is living tend to demonstrate that with enough determination, nothing is impossible.
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