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Robert Savoie

Quebec Speaker

About Robert Savoie

During this workshop, you will explore the power of WHY. To embody change, it is necessary to tap into the source of what drives us. This WHY serves as a fuel that sets us in motion to realize our dreams and become the one we want to be.

Speaker, teacher, author, coach… there are too many words to describe Robert Savoie, a businessman for more than 30 years, but above all a man of heart. Thanks to his unique life journey, ROBERT SAVOIE has been able to overcome great hardships in his life, including the murder of his father and various other obstacles: drugs, alcoholism, divorce, Crohn’s disease.

Today, with more than three thousand lectures to his credit, this expert in personal development has guided thousands of individuals towards a better acceptance of themselves. For him, it is a question of accompanying gently, but honestly, to help others discover the full potential that lies hidden in all spheres of their lives. Authenticity, communication, respect, empathy: these qualities define the path that Robert Savoie invites us to take in order to dare to move forward in life. We must dare to say yes, we must dare to forgive ourselves and others, and we must dare to affirm what we want for ourselves. Under Robert Savoie’s many hats is a generous man who considers sharing to be a cardinal virtue of a life spent in the service of others. His precious advice, applicable in both personal and professional life, could be represented by this sentence: “Forgiveness does not repair the past, but it widens the future”.

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