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Laurent Audiot’s career is a reflection of his cuisine: exceptional. For thirteen years, he was Gérard Depardieu’s chef at the Fontaine Gaillon, the Ecaille de la Fontaine, creating the Moby Dick fish market. His cooperation with Gérard Depardieu led him to produce a gourmet road movie in five episodes published on Arte, A plein Dents, which is also the title of a book written jointly. This superb tribute to cuisine and the pleasures of life published by Michel Lafon reveals all the love that the two men have for a common passion, magnified on the plate by Laurent Audiot.


Since then, he has returned to the house of his first loves and his first successes, the luxurious Marius and Janette, on the Champs-Elysées. It is there that he continues to prove his status as a world-renowned leader.


Laurent Audiot’s cuisine could be described as a real pleasure: that of fish. It is cooked in all its forms, in all its seams, without any secrets for the chef who has learned to scrutinize the marine culinary art in order to extract the divine. The fish and its accompaniments thus sublimated, it only remained for Laurent Audiot to show his know-how in terms of desserts: here again, it is not surprising that the taste buds recognize the quality of the chef’s cuisine, which has been tested many times over.


Under a false traditional air, Laurent Audiot’s cuisine is in fact marked by modernity and beauty.

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